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Really? Is anyone surprised that Tiger got caught? Well, I guess he is.

But the headlines are ridiculous with the best being the ones that wonder how Tiger could cheat on his hot wife? Ummm, because he’s a man and that’s what men do? That is not misandry, but truth. Black, white or “Cablasian” (as Tiger labeled himself when he hit the big time), women know it, men know it.

What’s infinitely more offensive is his mad scramble to save his endorsements and his complete lack of social consciousness in selecting for whom he shills. David Zirin over at The Nation gives some well-needed perspective on athletes and social accountability.

Does BUNA care if a Cablasian man cheats on his white wife with another white woman? Not one Fig Newton, no, we don’t. Do we care if Tiger makes corporate slavemasters like Chevron look good? Yeah, we care, especially if kids are being encouraged to emulate him and want to be like Tiger.