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H. Gates in a Tumultuous Polo Shirt

H. Gates in a Tumultuous Polo Shirt

BUNA must admit to drinking on some hateraid when it comes to Skip Gates. First, because his nickname is “Skip” and that alone is worthy of a kick in le pants. Second, because BUNA’s TV critic thinks that PBS really could give some other smart black folks some airtime.

But today, BUNA has got yer back, Skip! Bru-man had the police called on him by some white lady (Mrs Nosey McNoselston) who saw two black men with backpacks “breaking into a house.”

Can’t the Black nerd catch a break? We thought black nerdness was the new…black, according to The Root. [Hmm, Gates is editor of The Root. Was he manufacturing geek cool to make himself cool? Abuse of power!]

Anyway, dude had the po-po roll up on him and ask him to step out of his house where he was on the phone calling to deal with his funky door problem. Since when, Cambridge Pigs, do thieves break into a house to use the goddamn phone? Did you think he was like, “Yeah, U-Haul? I just broke into a house and will need a small van…no, wait, got a lotta artifacts and shit, so make that a big van.”

Anyway, Officer Should-be-bacon wouldn’t leave shit alone and checked Skip’s ID. He refused to give his name and badge number so John Crowley (badge 467) is hereafter known as Officer Pork Chop. Sounds like Gates was irate, and who wouldn’t be, as he followed Officer PC outside to find more pigs (not potholes) on his lawn and spectators. As soon as Skip stepped off base, Pig Posse was all, “You’re it!” and arrested him for “loud and tumultuous behavior.” That shit’s way better than uppity, so consider us graduated, brothas and sistahs!

You can read the rest of the story in the LA Times, NY Times, at The Root, or on NPR. And beware of these guys; they look like looters.