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thank you, Quincy, for not talking bollocks

thank you, Quincy, for not talking bollocks

Seriously, y’all? Can we have a black folks confab? Why are black people suddenly claiming Michael Jackson?

BUNA wishes we had world-TiVO beause we would replay all the shit people talked about MJ not wanting to be black no mo’, all the salacious gossip BET spread, and note the deafening silence during his alleged pedo-trials. And then, we’d juxtapose that with the sudden outpouring and re-claiming of his Royal Badness as black. BUNA is sickened, chagrined, and otherwise nausated by the hypocrisy.

Usually the black celebs who act un-Christian-like and perpetuate foul misogyny and then thank god profusely at the BET Awards is disgusting enough, but to have all that coupled with posthumous blackness? BUNA’s going on a hunger strike and will not be partaking of KFC with Magic Johnson in MJ’s memory.

Luckily, law professor Patricia Williams never coons. Click here to read more.


Aaron McGruder’s always good for callin’ people out on their race disgracin’ behavior. For example, long before Tyler Perry got off the chitlin circuit with them dumbass plays and started making bank off black folks self-hating enough to pay to see his mess, Boondocks said:


Why it’s better to see a pirated version of a Tyler Perry film with people gettin’ up to go to the bathroom than actually put money in his coonful pocket, that’s a whole ‘nother entry…