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Ginny Thomas needs to grow the fuck up and take issue with the real person at fault in her mental drama:



Really? Is anyone surprised that Tiger got caught? Well, I guess he is.

But the headlines are ridiculous with the best being the ones that wonder how Tiger could cheat on his hot wife? Ummm, because he’s a man and that’s what men do? That is not misandry, but truth. Black, white or “Cablasian” (as Tiger labeled himself when he hit the big time), women know it, men know it.

What’s infinitely more offensive is his mad scramble to save his endorsements and his complete lack of social consciousness in selecting for whom he shills. David Zirin over at The Nation gives some well-needed perspective on athletes and social accountability.

Does BUNA care if a Cablasian man cheats on his white wife with another white woman? Not one Fig Newton, no, we don’t. Do we care if Tiger makes corporate slavemasters like Chevron look good? Yeah, we care, especially if kids are being encouraged to emulate him and want to be like Tiger.

BUNA’s resident feminist caucus was suspiously silent on Rihanna’s silence on her beat down by Chris Brown. Afterall, giving the victim the benefit of the doubt would seem like good practice, especially if the perp was convicted for said beat down. However, the feminist caucus can be silent no more: it is totally fucked up for Rihanna to break her silence as a promotional tool for her new album.

Since the interview for Good Morning, America hasn’t broadcast yet, BUNA can only interpret Rihanna’s statement, “This happened to me – it can happen to anyone” as probably the strongest thing she’ll have to say about why men and women shouldn’t hit one another. This happened to me—it can happen to anyone…with a high-paying career hanging in the balance. So be sure your publicist carefully manages when, and if, you do something to help other young women who might be going through the same thing and who you need to buy your latest record.

Synergy, my ass. We’re so mad we can’t even stand to include a picture of her with this post. Drinking on the hater-aid? Yes, a deep, long slug of lemon-lime hateration.

H. Gates in a Tumultuous Polo Shirt

H. Gates in a Tumultuous Polo Shirt

BUNA must admit to drinking on some hateraid when it comes to Skip Gates. First, because his nickname is “Skip” and that alone is worthy of a kick in le pants. Second, because BUNA’s TV critic thinks that PBS really could give some other smart black folks some airtime.

But today, BUNA has got yer back, Skip! Bru-man had the police called on him by some white lady (Mrs Nosey McNoselston) who saw two black men with backpacks “breaking into a house.”

Can’t the Black nerd catch a break? We thought black nerdness was the new…black, according to The Root. [Hmm, Gates is editor of The Root. Was he manufacturing geek cool to make himself cool? Abuse of power!]

Anyway, dude had the po-po roll up on him and ask him to step out of his house where he was on the phone calling to deal with his funky door problem. Since when, Cambridge Pigs, do thieves break into a house to use the goddamn phone? Did you think he was like, “Yeah, U-Haul? I just broke into a house and will need a small van…no, wait, got a lotta artifacts and shit, so make that a big van.”

Anyway, Officer Should-be-bacon wouldn’t leave shit alone and checked Skip’s ID. He refused to give his name and badge number so John Crowley (badge 467) is hereafter known as Officer Pork Chop. Sounds like Gates was irate, and who wouldn’t be, as he followed Officer PC outside to find more pigs (not potholes) on his lawn and spectators. As soon as Skip stepped off base, Pig Posse was all, “You’re it!” and arrested him for “loud and tumultuous behavior.” That shit’s way better than uppity, so consider us graduated, brothas and sistahs!

You can read the rest of the story in the LA Times, NY Times, at The Root, or on NPR. And beware of these guys; they look like looters.

thank you, Quincy, for not talking bollocks

thank you, Quincy, for not talking bollocks

Seriously, y’all? Can we have a black folks confab? Why are black people suddenly claiming Michael Jackson?

BUNA wishes we had world-TiVO beause we would replay all the shit people talked about MJ not wanting to be black no mo’, all the salacious gossip BET spread, and note the deafening silence during his alleged pedo-trials. And then, we’d juxtapose that with the sudden outpouring and re-claiming of his Royal Badness as black. BUNA is sickened, chagrined, and otherwise nausated by the hypocrisy.

Usually the black celebs who act un-Christian-like and perpetuate foul misogyny and then thank god profusely at the BET Awards is disgusting enough, but to have all that coupled with posthumous blackness? BUNA’s going on a hunger strike and will not be partaking of KFC with Magic Johnson in MJ’s memory.

Luckily, law professor Patricia Williams never coons. Click here to read more.


Alan Keyes.


Every time Keyes runs for office and loses, BUNA’s Minister of Political Analysis asks the same question, “What is wrong with this negro?”

Fine, he wants to contribute to the great American project called democracy. Alas, he’s his cup of internalized racism overfloweth and he’s so hateful that it’s hard to feel sorry for him.

So we don’t. Especially when he talks nonsense such as this: “Obama is a radical communist, and I think it is becoming clear…That is what I told people in Illinois and now everybody realizes it’s true.”

No, what we realize, you political minstrel, is that you just need to take your paranoid, jealous ass somewhere and sit down.

We won’t even begin to comment on his fraught relationship with his daughter, her coming out, and their crazy conservative politics.

Okay, even more accurately, how much would you pay Apple to be God of Coon Island? BUNA’s Director of Recreation and Funification almost bought this game for the communal iPod Touch: Pcoket God. In Pocket God you are, well, the big heavenly jefe. You can wreak havoc with the lives of your wee island people. Alas, Funification Director had a look at the graphics and, well, compare…


Pocket God’s island people do stuff like eat coconuts and engage in otherwise racist Gilligan’s Island native-type behavior. Just for comparison’s sake, note Pocket God natives are not that far removed from old time coon performer representations.


Ooops, dang. We gotta go. A BUNA member known for political backsliding is trying to go rogue and buy this game anyway in direct violation of BUNA directive against contributing to enterprises that encouraging cooning. Back away from the iPod, Clarence!