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Okay, even more accurately, how much would you pay Apple to be God of Coon Island? BUNA’s Director of Recreation and Funification almost bought this game for the communal iPod Touch: Pcoket God. In Pocket God you are, well, the big heavenly jefe. You can wreak havoc with the lives of your wee island people. Alas, Funification Director had a look at the graphics and, well, compare…


Pocket God’s island people do stuff like eat coconuts and engage in otherwise racist Gilligan’s Island native-type behavior. Just for comparison’s sake, note Pocket God natives are not that far removed from old time coon performer representations.


Ooops, dang. We gotta go. A BUNA member known for political backsliding is trying to go rogue and buy this game anyway in direct violation of BUNA directive against contributing to enterprises that encouraging cooning. Back away from the iPod, Clarence!

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