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30518562Black actors have it rough in ol’ Blighty. The BBC doesn’t do ’em right. The soap, Eastenders, has pretty much consigned one of the nation’s finest Afro-Caribbean actors (Rudolph Walker as Patrick Truman) to owning the cornershop, left by his wife, playing PeePaw to kids that ain’t his, and hit on by one too many pension-age white women. We think there was a recent plotline nod to the historic Notting Hill Riots, but BUNA’s Manager of the Remote Control lost patience with this shows wack attitude (wackitude?) toward blackness and refused to let us watch anymore. We’re like that: hive mind.

And black folk don’t fare much better on channels with advertising either. Mostly featured are black men with ridiculous perms, singing (again with the choirs!), usually wearing shades of black and blue. Why are they always wearing this combination of colors? Is that the color of their battered black man souls from wrestling with their consciences? Howard Brown (pictured above riding a swan, for some inexplicable, pass-the-bong reason), a former Halifax Bank employee turned singing spokesman, was routinely voted the most annoying person on telly. BUNA would suggest that even white folks don’t like to see a black man degraded, as Howard was in the YouTube clip (below) or in this series of truly coon-y pics collated by the fascist, but accurate in this instance Daily Mail.

The one ad that BUNA was on the fence about has subsequently been pulled. Cadbury was trying to foment a “gum revolution” using a dub poet, running around shouting at people through a megaphone, “Mastication for de Nation!!!”

BUNA’s immature, so we really only heard this brother (allegedly a dub poet) advocating masturbation for de nation, which is fine by us. A wank is better than gum anytime. Nonetheless, some obscure Pan-African organization (Ligali—since when?) along with other black folks complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and got a ruling that the ad should be pulled. BUNA doesn’t really give a toss about Cadbury and thinks they should steer clear of gum and stick with choccie. They could’ve saved everyone a lot of aggro if they’d had the brother write an actual dub poem about their gum, thereby, spreading come cultural literacy and shilling their ridiculous product.

Now I hear some of you saying, “give the thespian brothers & sisters a break. There aren’t a lot of roles and black people gotta eat, too.” True, not a lot of roles…okay, no roles. But, really, if I feed y’all will you stop taking these coon-a-rific roles?

I hate to cook and live off hummus, No-No crackers, and white wine, but my diet is rich in vitamins D-I-G-N-I-T-and Y!

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