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Gather ’round, chil’ren. BUNA’s got a lesson for you. Check out this interview from BlackBook with amazing artist Kara Walker. She is a prime example of what happens when you don’t coon, when you follow your heart, and use your talents for good rather than evil. We can’t claim that she’s not taking money from The Man ’cause she had a McArthur (“Genius”) grant, but we ain’t hatin’ because her artwork is a stick in the hornet’s nest of racist and sexist stereotypes. 1206karawalkerreddot

Oh, yes, my friends, Kara Walker is a shit-stirrer and we LIKE it! If BUNA had some dosh or some cowery shells or some shit, we’d try and trade them in for a Kara Walker silhouette to splash across the lobby at BUNA HQ.

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