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What is “cooning”?

Cooning has a long history in America. Also known as “shuckin’ and jivin’,” “sellin’ out,” acting like an Uncle Tom, and just straight up disgracin’ the (black) race, cooning is going to be called out wherever and whenever we see it. Dr. David Pilgrim and his Jim Crow Museum do an amazing job of cataloging and explaining the historical and contemporary manifestation of racist stereotypes. This website is in no way affiliated with the Jim Crow Museum.

Isn’t accusing somone of being a “coon” racist?

Let’s separate behavior and actions from one’s essence . Cooning is verb. We’re not accusing anyone of being a so-called coon, but let’s face it: some people act straight up foolish and they need to be called on it. That said, if I was accusing people of being coons, Clarence Thomas would get a daily entry. Damn. Yeah, we hate his ass.

Who are you?

We are the Bureau of Uppity Negro Affairs (BUNA). BUNA’s mad. BUNA’s goal is to name and shame those making a mockery of black achievement and getting in the way of racial progress. BUNA is putting a foot in the ass of those who seek to exploit blackness for a taste of the almight dollar.

Why can’t I make a comment?

Cause we don’t give a rat’s tiny ass what you think. Go start your own blog. Go on! Git!


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